TimeSaver™ 2-8°C Series

Off-The-Shelf Packaging Solutions

The Canadian TimeSaver™ 2-8°C Series is a versatile series of pre-qualified kits that maintain a 2-8°C temperature range up to 48 hours. These off-the-shelf packing systems have been qualified by our team of engineers against extreme temperature profiles specifically for the Canadian health care distribution network.

You will save both time and money by avoiding the process of package configuration development and performance testing. While they were designed as single-use packaging solutions, all single-use packouts can be reconditioned and reused.

Single-use packaging requires reliable suppliers. Cryopak is setup to manufacture, warehouse, and distribute single-use packaging across Canada. With manufacturing and warehousing facilities located in British Colombia and Quebec, trust Cryopak to manage your just-in-time inventory.

Packout optimization ensures the right amount of refrigerant and insulation are used to keep costs low without sacrificing performance. Sold as kits, TimeSavers™ 2-8°C Series include the following:

  • Outer box
  • EPS insulation panels
  • Payload box
  • Gel packs
  • Packing instructions
  • Abridged qualification report

All packout materials are made in Canada. 72-hour duration and CRT temperature range are also available.

This product isn’t exactly what you’re looking for? Contact one of our representatives today and inquire about our custom packaging design service!

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Implementation Program

Packout Qualification, Packout Training, Packout Instructions, Conditioning Instructions


Engineering Support

Audit support, Excursion Management and Risk Assessments

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