Reusable insulated containers

The Cryo-Case is designed to maintain temperatures up to 72 hours. The Cryo-Case solution is ideal for delivering temperature sensitive shipments such as blood, vaccines, organs, diagnostics, biologics, and other pharmaceutical products directly to the end user without any breaks in the cold chain process.

  • Stackable container equipped with a deep and robust lid for great stability.
  • Open / close system lid by sliders.
  • Insulated top panel strapped for easy opening.
  • Fully washable container (inside / outside).
  • Polyurethane panels covered by a film for easy of cleaning.
  • Branding  & Customization ( Logo, text,instructions)
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Implementation Program

Packout Qualification, Packout Training, Packout Instructions, Conditioning Instructions


Engineering Support

Audit support, Excursion Management and Risk Assessments


Optional iMini Data Logger

An optional iMini data logger provides the assurance the packout performed up to industry standards

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